MADE TO ORDER - Headless Vase

£68.00 - £80.00

Only Made to Order in Limited Numbers.

This Headless Vase is available to order in a Paper-porcelain clay or an off-white Stoneware clay (first photo). Decorated with colourful dots/splatters.

You can also chose between a matte or shinny glaze on the vest area of the vase.

All these pieces are handmade and hand-decorated, making each one different and unique, so expect each piece to vary slightly in colour shades and size from the pictures.

Due to Covid restrictions, please allow 4 weeks for the finished piece to be ready.

Please massage me to let me know if you prefer dots or splatters as decoration on the vest.

Measures around 13 cm tall / 21 cm wide / 4 cm diameter hole